What Does The Word Verisimilitude Mean Specifically In Relation To Acting?


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Well strangely, it means what is sounds like it means that something is 'very similar', and relates to how similar this thing is to it. I first heard it used when described in relation to theatre setting and acting, where the goal of the performance or the set of the play was the appearance of realism, and this for me is a central meaning of the word.

The dictionary calls it the appearance of truth or semblance of truth. Someone might criticise the actor's verisimilitude, their performance lacked truth, lacked the relationship to the truth of life, from the perspective of the audience.

The word derives from the Latin word which means very similar to the truth. It can also mean the 'quality of seeming true' which is also a nice way of thinking about it.

Acting is simply a process of bringing verisimilitude to the stage, using other people's words.
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Verisimilitude does mean specifically or precisely acting like the real thing or person

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