Is It True That Life Gets Better When You Are Older? Because You Have More Experience.


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I think that growing older gives you experience, and in that you learn how to better process things that will benefit you. With age comes wisdom, is what my mother always told me. Hope this helps.
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The answer is "maybe".
Experience can help but it is not automatic.  Enthusiasm helps too.
If one uses one's time well, one will steadily improve one's life and the enjoyment of it.  If you waste your time or do not learn from mistakes you will not find that life gets better as you get older.
People don't all reach their prime of life at the same age.  I think there are phases too.  I think I enjoyed my physical prime in the 26-32 age range but I had more sex drive when I was younger than that.  My emotional prime is still to come (appreciation for the people in my life keeps growing).  My intellectual prime seems to have been in my forties.  My financial prime seems to be in the future but I find much more enjoyment in this aspect of my life than I did when I was younger.  There are other aspects to consider.
Most people find that as they get old they don't have the health or energy to steadily improve and enjoyment declines.
Getting older eventually means that your body becomes infirm.
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I think the main advantage is that you have a better understanding of things, and do not make so many silly mistakes
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Yes that's true , the older you are wise you will become. But some young people manage better than the elder ones.
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You do get wiser as you get older that is a fact, but I don't think it gets better. You should live it as you want and enjoy it as they say you are a long time dead and I think that's a good saying
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My grandmother says the golden years aren't so golden but she has health problems too and is 87.but enjoy your time you are here because life is too short!!

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