How do u use simultaneously in a sentence?


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Use it as an adverb, a descriptor which modifies a verb or adjective:

Meeting a stranger on the sidewalk, we each stepped simultaneously into the other's path, and then smiled.
Note that the word modifies the verb form, stepped; so the adjective, simultaneous, with the suffix, ly, is an adverb.
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1) The skilled secretary simultaneously called her boss and typed up a report at the same time

2) These two ships made history last year by having the first
ever simultaneous
naming ceremony of cruise ships in the UK.

3) The non-blocking design of the switches delivers simultaneous, full wire-speed, low-latency throughput to all ports.

4) Toward the end of the month there was a multilingual debate
using simultaneous
interpreting facilities at Heriot-Watt University.

5) Because I'm currently downloading email in one application and video in another, I'm using two connections simultaneously.

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