What Does 'Barium' Mean?


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Barium is defined as a liquid element. It has a chalky texture. It is used to coat the inside of the organs in the human body so that they appear clearly on an X-ray. It is an element which is opaque to X-rays. This means that an X-ray cannot pass through it. Barium is used in some X-ray procedures as a water-based suspension. This water-based suspension is used to coat surfaces. A common example of barium as a water-based suspension is the barium meal.

Barium is usually pink or white in colour. It is a liquid oral contrast and is also found to exist in the form of a chalky rectal contrast, which is white in colour. It is a harmless metallic element. However, if exposed to the sensitive parts of the human body, such as the eyes, the skin and the respiratory system, it can cause the person a lot of irritation. It is used in the oil paints used by some artists.

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