What Are Some Good Comebacks?


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Addilynn Addilynn Profile
1.) Acting like a dick wnt make up for your small one
2.) haters are just confused admirers
3.) Love me , hate me you're still thinking about me 8)
4.) I could ask you to look in the mirror , but then again you don't have one.8)
5.) erm if you don't mind , can I ignore you?
6.) I could go on listing all the bad things about you , but I'll be here forever
7.) Fool: Go get a life!.....You: My life started when I was born , when did yours start? Tday? No wonder you have soo many abnormalities.
8.) hating me , wont make you any prettier...8)
9.) if you don't like me then I'm afraid I have only one thing to say to you. Turn your back and walk away cus this is ME and I will not change for Nobody!
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Daisy Ryann answered
I'd be like, if they ask a question in an insulting way be like "I don't
know, ask your mom I was with her last night." I'm like the QUEEN of
your mom jokes. Me and like my bestie Callie have told a ton.

Daisy: Look Callie it's a cow. Remind me of your mom.

Callie: My mom IS a cow. I'm like half cow. You don't even know my life.

Daisy: You just missed it. There was a really big rock.

Callie: Your mom's a really big rock..

Daisy: Your mom lives on a really big rock.

Callie: I live on your mom.

Callie: All houses that have windows that don't have shutters are messed

Daisy: That house is messed up.

Callie: Your mom is messed up.

Daisy: Your mom's baby is messed up.

Callie: I am not.

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dave thirteen answered
Let them insult you, the tell them 'hey, so how long since you were born, and how long have I known you? Wait, surely if you have the time to insult me you could at least come up with a better insult, since you have no life, you should invest your time in making a better insult.. Me, well I'm bored and this is boring.. So yep call me back when you have a better insult and ill judge it from 1 to 10..''
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
The biggest slap anyone can give another during a fight is to turn and walk away and avoid the fight altogether, but not many can't do this so try to listen and keep thy mouth shut as in the 11th Commandment
Kaitlin Bleh Profile
Kaitlin Bleh answered
Don't use  your mama jokes. Sometimes it just depends on the fight. But something I like to do is when somebody says something to provoke a fight, Just say " I'm sorry I didn't catch that" * pause to let them start to repeat themselves* then go on to say " I don't speak Bitch!!!!"
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Marlene answered
Depends on what you're fighting about :3
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Anonymous answered
Well that depends.if they say your a nerd say "just because I get better grades than your dumb*** doesnt mean I'm a nerd!" or if they call you retarded say "only after talking to you !"
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Anonymous answered
If they say you look ugly...just say:well you know what,I don't feel sorry for blind people coz they don't have to see your ugly face
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ReeRee Lynn answered
Depends on what I'm coming back at!!
But basically "yo mama, yo daddy, yo bald headed granny she 99 she think fine she broke it down with frankenstein"
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Well, whatever say they to, just say if that's all you have to say about me, then I must have a lot going for myself then.
Maddie Hart Profile
Maddie Hart answered
Normally, when I'm in a fight and I run out of comebacks I just interrupt what they are trying to say with the word "what?" over and over again. Eventually they will get frustrated and quit talking.
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kate warren answered
The best revenge is not letting it get to you. Be happy and keep going on with life. Happiness will really piss off whoever's trying to bring you down, it means you're still winning.
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joan saviour answered
The best counter I know is Matt steiflers  bag piper scene from the movie " American pie Band camp "

if you want to try it , don't forget that you are a girl
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danielle fray answered
Your mama so fat she comes from both side of the family
shut your mouth before you start catch fly
you smell like ten day old cabbage water
you are so ugly when you were born the doctor almost circumsized your nose :)
Steve Williams Profile
Steve Williams answered
Alexia leave it to the pros XD...you greasy c*ck sucking oreo licking, double dippin noodle n*b =)
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
You are so insecure you have to insult me.
You do not know anything about me at all.
You are so NOT perfect.
Say what you want, I am not hearing a blah you say, I mean word.
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Janey answered
It's a case of mind over matter - I don't mind because you don't matter.

Don't let your mind wander - it's too little to go out all by itself.

Have you always been this stupid or did you take lessons ?

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