Can Anyone Use The Word Irreverent In A Sentence?


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Show: For it is no light thing to show irreverence to the divine laws - a fact which later events will make clear.
Adjective modifier
such: There should be a law against treating pylons with such irreverence.
Refreshing: To my mind, the Middle Temple Twelfth Night lacked the refreshing irreverence of some recent productions at the Globe's main house.
Customary: Top Gear With Jeremy Clarkson the driving seat, Top Gear is complete with his customary irreverence, wit and unbiased honesty.
Clever: I'd like to say " clever irreverence " , but that's not always true!
Healthy: There was also a tone of healthy irreverence in much of the reporting.
Total: They treated the most famous pop group of all time with a total irreverence that they would become famous for in later years.

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