Does David Archuleta Speak Spanish?


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David does speak Spanish. He says that he is not fluent but speaks fairly well! He speaks Spanish primarily with his grandparents (on his mom's side) her family is from HONDURAS and his grandparent's only speak Spanish. He said that growing up in FLORIDA Spanish was his first language. When he moved to UTAH at age 6 he forgot most of the Spanish he knew. As he got older he got better at it and learned most of it again. He took college Spanish in 10th grade at his school. He has performed "Como La Flor" a Spanish in a few concerts. He has a natural (and sexy) Spanish accent when speaking Spanish!
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Yes,he's Spanish one way or another he is spoken to or speaks it .It's a spanish tradition to keep our language flowing amongst our siblings.
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David Archuleta was 6 years old when his family moved from Hondraus. His first language was Spanish. He still knows Spanish because his mother makes all her children stick to the roots.
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Yes. He is Spanish on his moms side and American on his dads side.
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He does he signs the song of we are the world in spanish somos el mundo:))
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David has forgotten a lot of his Spanish but he speaks Spanish with his Grandmother and other relatives who only speak Spanish. David recently won the ALMA New Artist Award for Latin Achievements in the Arts and he sang Contigo en la DIstancia in Spanish to an audience of big Hispanic stars including Rita Moreno and Antonio Banderas.  It was also broadcast on ABC.

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