My Pitbull Has A Swollen Butt What Does This Mean?


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But swelling in dogs is usually due to anal sac disease. Anal sacs are actually anal glands that are expressed during defecation. Sometimes, few conditions can cause swelling in these glands like infection, abscess, impaction, and tumors.

Another reason of butt swelling in dogs is anal prolapse in which rectal tissues protrude through anus. Reasons of this conditions are not known but gastrointestinal parasites can contribute to cause this condition.

Proper treatment requires proper diagnosis. Diagnosis includes rectal examination, and blood tests. Treatment depends upon underlying causes. For infection, antibiotics are used, if no infection then expressing anal glands is sufficient. Tumors are treated by removal of affected anal gland. So, it will be good to see a vet for differential diagnosis and proper treatment.

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