What Does "Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill" Mean?


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Will Martin answered
Literally, it means to make something very big out of something very small. In other words, it means that you take a small thing (typically, a minor problem) and make a huge fuss over it, going into all the possible difficulties and seeming overwhelmed by them. An example might be someone wondering what to give a friend for his or her birthday and staying up half the night worrying over it, spending all day going round the shops, asking everyone else for advice etc.

A similar saying is "make a drama out of a crisis." Everyone probably does this at some point. The usual time for making mountains out of molehills is if you wake up in the night, and suddenly a very small problem looms large and seems insoluble, just because you are too tired to deal with it. The saying "Things look better in the morning " is absolutely true.

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