Why is everyone so mean to me? Yes i'm emotionaly week and very vulnerable. But is that why there mean to me? I'm not in school so don't say anything about a school counceler i'm done with school. It was special ed thats why i cant spell.


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I used to be exacly like you. Being insecure, and thinking why everyone always picked on me. But you no, you have to step up for yourself. Its going to be along time, but just have some patience. Get a role-model. My role-model is eminem. Through his music, he engouraged me to step up and take control. You can't be shy all the time, or you wont get what you want.
Hey, I'm in special ED. I sucked at spelling when I was in grade 6 and 7, but I always read books, now I no how to spell and stand up for myself.
I hope this helped-somewhat :)
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That's about right Tiffany, as there are mean, shallow and cold-hearted people in the world who love to pick on someone weaker or more vulnerable than themselves.They're bullies who get a kick out of upsetting others and it's just wrong and immature.
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Being weak ..well actually lets re-phrase that! Coming ACROSS as being weak means people tend to pick on you more cus you look vulnerable and easy to pull along! , you just have to stand your ground , of course you don't have to be the toughest person there to win a fight , just let them know you're not going to take crap from them , ignore them first , I know it sounds silly but jus ignore them at first and laugh in their face to show you're not bothered..if its mental abuse then you can always laugh at them ..make them feel weak..bring them down..make them feel small , most of all ..look for their weaknesses! ;)

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