What Does 'Hanging In The Balance' Mean?


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Hanging in the balance means that the answer or solution is not quite clear and other factors may need to be investigated or researched. In short, the outcome could swing either way and so is literally balanced between two potential outcomes.
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Hanging in balance is the name of an album. It is the fifth album by the band named Metal Church. It is an American Thrash metal band originating from Aberdeen in Washington. Thrash metal refers to a sub genre in heavy metal music. Thrash metal is known for its high speed and aggression. The album titled Hanging in the Balance was released in the year 1993. It had several tracks.

Hanging in the balance is also a phrase which means to be very uncertain. It is used to indicate a situation where nothing is properly known and can refer to a very crucial but undecided position. Thus it describes a situation where things are left undetermined and critical. He left us hanging in the balance, her future is hanging in the balance etc are examples of the usage of this term. Thus it is an idiom also.

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