What Does Formality Mean?


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The word formality is the noun form of the adjective "formal." Formability means adhering to a certain code of conduct. Such an attribute or quality shown is said to be representation of formal behavior or formality. Usually one sees formal behavior in corporate offices and also in the early stage of a relationship or friendship.

Formality is a form of etiquette, where people adhere to a certain procedure or custom to look and sound professional or businesslike. The formality of the person is generally observed in the manner of his speech and his attire right from the shirt he is wearing, to his shoes. In some organizations and cultures, formality is a rule and people can smirk or look at you with suspicion, if you do not exercise formal behavior. Formality can also be expressed in gestures. For instance, the guard bowing down or saluting a person of higher stature or position is a way of showing respect or an expression of formality. Formality is also seen in some rituals and ceremonies.

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