What does it mean when I chose an answer as helpful and then it says "quota exceeded?" why does it do this?


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Janey answered
Blurtit only give you 10 helpfuls in any one day Mandy and then if you click on "Helpful Answer" the msg reads Quota Exceeded.  There used to be unlimited helpful until Users started to abuse the privilege.
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Dylan Lemke answered
To keep you from giving evryone helpfuls, because when you helpful sumthin you as well as the  person gets points
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Mandy Clark
Mandy Clark commented
I would say helpful but haha i forgot it won't let me. How long does this last?
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
Until tomorrow, when you are given a fresh quota.
But you need to hand them out sparingly, not throw them around like confetti... :)
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Thats for sure and dont waste them all on one certain friend or person as so many do. Give them to people who really truly deserve them by giving an outstanding answer
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Arthur Wright answered
You only get 10 helpfuls per 24 hour period and once youve used them up, thats it til the next day

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