What are transitional markers?


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Transitional markers are used in writing to show progression from one point to another. They are also called connectors since they are used to help join ideas together in writing to help to make it more coherent. They are an integral part of writing in the English language and should be taught to students as early as elementary school. Skilled writers make good use of transitional markers in their work and here are a few that you can use in your writing to help improve it and make your ideas much more clear and precise.

  • And - joins together two related ideas
  • But - joins together two ideas that may have conflicting information
  • Or - joins together two ideas that may be mutually exclusive
  • If - joins together two or more ideas  that may be prepositional
  • Hence - ties together a proposition and a conclusion

All of these transitional markers help understanding in writing papers of all kinds including novels for entertainment, scientific papers that make propositions and attempt to reach conclusions, and academic type papers for high school and college level classes.  You must master the use of these transitional markers if you expect to finish high school and if you hope to attend college and be successful.

College level writings in such classes as English, social sciences, and other academic fields require the use of transitional markers more and more these days. In addition to learning to use them in writing, in classes such as speech, you'll expected to master the use of transitional markers in the spoken word as well. Professionals such as lawyers have mastered the use of transitional markers and use them to their advantage when speaking in court and trying to influence a jury in a civil or criminal trial.
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Transitional markers (T.M) are words that help a reader to make a smooth shift from one idea to another. They provided the reader with logical flow of ideas that can improve the transition between thought. There are few categorizes are identified
1) T.M that show an example :- an example, in this case, as an illustration, for instance, etc
2) T.M that continue a common line:- furthermore, in addition, and, moreover, etc
3) T.M that show sequence or time :- next, afterward, finally, then, at first, in the meantime, etc
4) T.M that signal conclusion:- therefore, thus, in conclusion, in final consideration, in short etc

* there are more  categories that are not written in this answer....
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Transitional markers can also be called connectors. They are words or phrases that are used to join sentences together to make them cohere (stick together) better. Words like also, however, and again are transitional markers.
Reference at is simplest is just mentioning something. In academic writing, a reference is a mention of a book or document that you have referred to in your work.
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Transitional marker(T.M)are words that help a reader to make a smooth shift from one idea to another.

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