Please suggest some cool different words with their meanings?


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The answer to this will depend on whether you mean cool different words as in fashionable, slang words or unusual words from the dictionary with cool meanings. Here are some examples of some slang or fashionable terms and their meanings:

  • Sexlicious - This basically means to be totally sexy and as yummy as sex.
  • Schmoodle - the word schmoodle is used instead of the word 'own' in sentences such as 'they loved me, I totally owned that room'.
  • Beastyness - This word is used to describe those who are even better than awesome and amazing.
  • Bubs or Babs - both of these words are frequently used by girls when addressing female friends, similar to chick or hun. For example, "Hey Bubs".
There are many websites that will list hundreds of different fashionable terms so it is easiest for you to think of something you say a lot and look for an alternative word for that.

One really good website for cool slang to use online is This website has a massive selection of text pictures that you can create as well as hundreds of shortened text talk words.

Another very good website is This website has thousands of random words that can be used to describe day to day events and situations in the modern day world. Many of the words on this site are rated by its users and so you can see what other people think of the words before you use them.

Remember no matter what words seem cool on these sites or what 'cool' words your friends use, only use words that you feel comfortable with. There is nothing worse than someone who is obviously trying too hard to sound cool.
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1.) pusillanimous- Showing lack of courage and determination
2.) Noxious- Harmful  or injurious to health
3.) Convivial- Cheerful and friendly/ lively atmosphere

these are my top three words I love to use! XD

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