What Does Extinct Mean?


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When something is no longer in existence you can use the term extinct for that particular object or idea. The word can be used for anything whether it is plants, animals or even a way of life. You can better understand the concept when it is used in the context and the following sentences are some of the uses: 1) Pandas are almost extinct animals and the effort to revive them has been taken on war footage and 2) As the society is going through major changes servants are almost extinct.

The word can also be used for an object which is quite famous for a particular phenomenon and even if the object is in existence the phenomenon is no longer an attribute of it. The following sentence can better explain the meaning: This volcano is an extinct one. In the sentence the mountain is still there but it is no longer an active volcano and so the use.
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It means no longer a part of any living species, totally gone from the planet
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  1. No longer existing or living: An extinct species.
  2. No longer burning or active: An extinct volcano.
  3. No longer in use: An extinct custom. See synonyms at dead.
  4. Law.  Lacking a claimant; void: An extinct title
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No longer in existence; lost or especially having died out leaving no living representatives

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