What does it mean if a boy hits puberty when he is ten?


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This doesn't really mean anything significant, it simply means that the child is an 'early bloomer' and that they are entering a natural process that turns them into an adult much sooner than other males. The general age is between 13 and 16 really, but many people do experience the change much earlier on.

  • Males and puberty
When a boy notices that his genitals have started growing and pubic hair has begun to form, then he will be going through the puberty process. During this time, the boy's voice will begin to deepen and the body structure and overall size will begin to grow. This is the beginning of the boy's journey towards adulthood.

The very first sign of puberty in a man would be the growth of genitals. During the onset of puberty, the enlargement of the testes and scrotum begins. As these parts of the body develop and grow, the penis will also go through a stage of enlargement in both width and length. As the enlargement continues, pubic hair becomes more apparent. The hair will begin to surround the genitalia and becomes much darker over a given period of time. Hair growth can also spread to the stomach and thigh areas.

Reproductive functions will also mature during puberty, too. The testes will begin to produce sperm, too, which is present within the semen that the penis ejaculates at orgasm. The male's voice starts fluctuating between high and low in puberty, as well. The change can sometimes result in a 'crack' of the male's voice. Hormones will also increase the amount of oil that is secreted in the male. This can result in varying amounts of acne present on the skin. Last of all, the male will experience a growth spurt. This is where the hands, feet, legs and arms will increase in size over a period of time.

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