What Does Fracture Mean?


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A fracture means a break in something, like a break in a bone. Dr's and nurses forget the normal layman doesn't understand words like that they just assume
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A fracture basically is the disjointing of a body into two or more pieces, below the pressure of stress. The term fracture is usually used for bones of living beings, or for crystal or crystalline matter, such as gemstones or metal. At times, in crystalline matter, particular crystals fracture with out the body actually separating.

Varying of the matter which has been fractured, a fracture basically decreases the strength or inhibits diffusion of light. A widespread understanding of how fracture takes place in a matter needs extensive study of fracture mechanics.

Generally there are three forms of fracture. The first mode, or the opening mode, distinguished by a stress regular to the crack faces. The second mode is typified by a pressure normal to the crack front. Lastly Mode three is the tearing mode, with a shear pressure similar to the crack front.
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A fracture is a broken bone.

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