What Is The Difference Between Abstract Class And Abstract Method?


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Abstract Class can have Abstract Methods and Concrete Methods which cannot be instantiated unless inherited.
Abstract method does not have implementation other than declaration.
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Abstract class may or may not contain abstract methods and it can't be instantiated. Even a class which is having all concrete methods can be declared as abstract class by using abstract keyword the main intention is to not instantiate the class only.
Abstract method always doesn't have definition of the method it will have only declaration always.
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Abstact class contains abstact methods and general methods. abstract method contain
only method declare.It implements later,
Mainly difeerence is Abstract class contains both Abstact and general methods, Abstact methods contains only that method method is Abstract.
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Abstruct class is a class. In abstruct class can be complete and incomplete class. We can execute data members in abstruct class. We can not make object in abstruct class.
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Abstract Class:Abstract class is a class that has no direct instances, but whose descendants may have direct instances. There are case I which it is useful to define classes for which the programmer never intends to instantiate any objects; because such classes normally are used as base-classes in inheritance hierarchies, we call such classes abstract classes These classes cannot be used to instantiate objects; because abstract classes are incomplete. Derived classes called concrete classesmust define the missing pieces.

Abstract Method:An abstract class can have instance data and non-abstract methods -including constructors-.

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