What Does DOS Mean?


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DOS or Disk Operating System as it is commonly known comes under the family of 'Operating Systems'. These operating systems dominated the market of IBM PC Compatible from the year 1981 to the year 1995. However after the release of the Windows platform these Operating Systems took a back seat. Single task systems like; DR-DOS, Novell-DOS, OpenDOS, PTS-DOS, ROM-DOS, PC-DOS, MS-DOS, and FreeDOS.

The MS Dos software from Microsoft was the most widely used DOS platform, these operating systems ran on IBM PC's working on Intel x86 CPUs. MS Dos to date have been one of the founding systems for other Operating Systems launched by Microsoft; this also includes the Microsoft Windows edition from 'Windows 1.0 to the Windows Me'. However later even Ms Dos was dropped as the base system.
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DOS can also stand for Denial Of Service, which is a type of attack people can use against other organisations such as the conflict between Russia and Georgia a few years ago when the Russian's crashed Georgia's computer systems by spam attacking their servers to overload them and cause the crash. This tactic is used to prevent computers from providing the service they were designed for, hence the name, Denial Of Service attack
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It is called a "disc operating system"
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