What Cast Does The Surname Sachdeva Belong To?


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The name Sachdeva (or Sachdev) belongs to the Arora caste. This caste is similar to the Khatri caste, and both are associated with the Punjab region in northern India. Arora are believed to have originated in the area of Amritsar.

The Arora caste are traditionally linked with business and industry, from shopkeeping and money-lending up to wholesale traders and leaders of industry. They are also likely to work in medicine, banking, science, politics and engineering. Marriage is likely between other Aroras or similar Punjab castes such as the Khatri.

Famous People with the Name Sachdev/Sachdeva

Perhaps the most famous Indian with this surname is Tania Sachdev, a chessplayer born in Delhi in 1986. She won the Asian Chess Championship in 2008 and finished third in 2012 Chess Olympiad in Turkey.

Historically speaking, one of the most renowned of the Arora caste in India is Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora, who led the Indian army in the 1971 conflict with Pakistan.

Another famous Sachdeva is actor Anuj Sachdeva, here talking about one of his latest roles:

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Tim, everything in your reply is spot on. However, I would like to make 1 correction. The Arora subcaste of the Khatris did not originate in the area close to Amritsar. The Arora subcaste originated in the Southwestern Punjab/Northern Sindh region of what is now Pakistan millennia ago. 

The overwhelming majority of Aroras were concentrated in this region up until the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 by the British. As a result, the ancestral region of the Aroras was ceded to Pakistan and the non-Muslim Arora caste was forced to leave their homes and migrate to India.

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