What Is The Most Random Question To Ask Someone?


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That's a difficult one. By answering it, perhaps we would be defeating the object of the question in that the reply would indicate a question which was then no longer random. It's a bit like observing something, by the very act of observing it you are in some way influencing events.

Getting back to the question about random questions, the best way to catch someone out is by asking them something completely irrelevant and unconnected to the situation in which you find yourself at that moment.

Someone I know used to throw people by suddenly asking out of the blue, "Are those your own teeth?" Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

The most random question, then, is one that relates to a subject that is least likely to be in the person's mind at that precise moment in time. A subject that's so left field, that it's off the radar completely.
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Um, I am not really commenting on this answer, I am just bursting to tell what I think the most random question ever is. Well, if the person was asleep, then you asked "are you asleep?"
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Can I order some french fries?
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There is no one way to ask random question to someone and different people apply different methods to ask these kinds of questions. Given below is an example that can make you understand how randomly people can ask question: Suppose somebody asks you that when you are going to marry and the moment you answer him, he is ready with another question. And the second question has nothing to do with the previous one and if he asked what is the chemical formula of Calcium Carbonate. Certainly his questions made you think that he is not in good mental state.

So, you can say that there is no fix formula for random questions but if somebody acts in a very weird way and ask questions without any coherence, you can say that he is asking questions randomly.
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If a person who has B+ blood and gets a blood transfusion from a person with O+ and B- would that persons blood type be BOB?
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Asking someone about finding a random question to ask someone is quite a random question I may say!!!:p lol
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Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia by definition is the fear of long words…. How does one with this phobia convey their official diagnoses?
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Are you going to take the deoderant out of your belly button or can I do it with this rasberry-handled porcy pine fur brush?
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Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? WEEEOOOO WEEOOO AHH RER RER HOBADA VVVT VVVT! Lol :)
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If I had 5 pickles, and gave them to the dancing chairs, then the toilet paper came up and stole them, how long does it take to make the worlds largest piece of bubble gum?

Most random thing I could think of.
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I no some dum ones what is my name, who am I what am I where do I live what is sad what is happy who is santa who is tv who is lol who is? What does he or her have a cam those are dum lol
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Is the green coloured hen in Martina Navratilova's gym ready to inflate 12 smiles in the event that Ashton Kutchers folded arms refuse to acknowledge it's master's sense of tomfoolery?

How's that for random!

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