Ethnographic methods are to ethnological methods as?


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Although they may seem very similar because they are both to do with the study of natural sciences that looks into studying the natural history of the human species. The field of study that looks at man as a species is called anthropology. The terms ethnography and ethnology are extremely important features in this field. Below are several reasons explaining the difference between the two.

  • The main fundamental difference.
Ethnography mainly tends to deal with using descriptive details that are seen in the analysis of a certain society. This can usually include a detailed description of activities that are specifically human such as marriage or burial processions. However, ethnology incorporates the use rational exposition to give an explanation of human organizations such as clans, tribes or nations. This method is used most commonly to look at when these organizations were first being formed.

  • Division of the subjects.
As part of the subject of anthropology, ethnology has been divided in two: Prehistoric ethnology and historical ethnology. Prehistoric ethnology looks at the early origins of man. This is mainly done through the study of indirect evidence because solid evidence would be very difficult to come across back then. Historical ethnology on the other hand looks at customs and institutions that appeared in barbaric tribes.

  • The scope of study.
People who work in ethnography specialize in studying tribes and certain institutions that are characterized by their customs. These customs are what defines these tribes or groups from the rest of the world. This area focuses on apparent "savage" tribes that existed millions of years ago. On the other hand, ethnologists look at superstitions, customs and even myths and legends that were followed by these tribes. They will then compare what they find about one particular tribe to another in a different part of the world.

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