A Boy Asked A Girl Her Name And In Response She Just Wrote Down A Date (07/09/2001). What Is Her Name?


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If a girl gives her name as 07/09/2001, it may be that she is trying to communicate her name through a code.

Or it could be that she is using that date to refer to something.

A girl called 07/09/2001

A girl who gives out her name as a series of numbers is probably doing so to be interesting and challenging. It's certainly not what most people would do - and personally I think its a bit bizarre! (but maybe that's just me).

The first thing that comes to mind when trying to decipher the numbers above is to match them up with the number of letters in the alphabet.

Based on this, her name might be:

07= G
09= i
20= t
01= a

This would make the girl's name Gita.

According to a baby name meaning website I visited, Gita is a common Hindu or Sanskrit name, so if the girl in question shares this ethnic background, it's possible that you've just stumbled upon the answer!
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I don't know! Maybe that's her birthday or maybe she wants that boy to get lost. She might be playing hard to get.
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Sounds like a code!

Very rare and interesting, but I am not a symbologist or mathematician, so I cannot solve it!

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