What Does Canis Lupus Mean?


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Canis lupus is the scientific name of the timber wolf. The timber wolf is a species of wolf. It has a coat that is brindled and grey in colour. It is native to the forests situated in the northern region of the continent of North America.

Canis lupus is also known as the Grey Wolf. It is colloquially just called the wolf. It is a mammal. It is a canine. It is a carnivorous animal. It belongs to the family Canidae. It is an ancestor of the domestic dog. Previous, wolves were commonly distributed all over the world. However, apart from the forests in the northern part of North America, wolves are now an extinct species that can now be found mainly in Eurasia and the Middle East. The natural habitat of wolves now ranges from the forests to the tundra to the taigas to the plains and the mountainous region.

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