What Colour Is Indigo Blue?


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Indigo blue is a colour of its own, falling between blue and violet on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The name of the colour is from the dye that comes from the plant Indiofera tinctoria. Other colours whose names come from plants are orange, rose and violet. The colour is one of the recognised seven colours of the rainbow, the others being red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Some scientists do not recognise the colour as a separate division of the rainbow and classify anything shorter than 450 nanometres (nm) as violet. Other scientists list indigo as between 446 nm and 464 nm wavelength. Isaac Newton introduced indigo as a spectral colour in 1666. He acknowledged that the spectrum had a variety of colours but specifically named seven colours, indigo being one of them.

The human eye finds it difficult to see indigo and many describe it simply as deep blue. When looking at a computer there are four major tones of indigo, electric indigo is the brightest of them. The colour is located between blue and violet on the RGB colour wheel on computers.

Deep indigo is a brighter tone known as blue-violet. Pigment indigo is approximately the same as the colour indigo that is reproduced in pigments, and indigo dye is the actual colour from the indigo plant wiped onto fabric. A large amount of this colour will appear to be darker than it is and therefore takes the name midnight blue on the RGB colour wheel.

There are two birds with indigo in their name. The Indigo bird has a buff coloured breast and its feathers are indigo coloured. The Indigo Bunting is a North American bird and the name is derived from the bright plumage. The earliest time that indigo was recorded as a colour name was in 1289.
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Spectral indigo or as it is more commonly called, indigo, is the colour that appears in the middle of blue and violet on the spectrum. It is not the same colour as purple, as it may be sometimes confused to be.

The pure indigo colour can be seen by reflecting the light from a fluorescent tube on a non-recordable CD.

The colour indigo, like its other counterparts violet and orange, derives its name from the indigo plant which was used in the dyeing of cloth.
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Hi I think indigo is kind of a blue colour.
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The link above has Indigo blue at 146 half way down on the left.
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Indigo is a type of purple, does anyone know what the difference between indigo and violet is??
LOL Shelly

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