What Are Pastoral Duties?


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I believe that a pastor's duties are many, which first begin with having a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ!

A pastor should be a servant of God who is committed to teaching the Word of God to his congregation, and the entire world.

A pastor should be a person who studies the Word if God daily, and seeks all guidance for decisions from God.

A pastor should pray and strive to have the mind of God and tp teach all who he or she can how to do the same.

A pastor should pray without ceasing and be a humble and faithful servant.

A pastor should be a patient listener, a forgiver, a loving person who extends Gods love to all he or she meet, pastor or meet.

A pastor's duties should be to EVERY DAY, be more like JESUS!
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I agree. Just one thing more, a pastor should be filled with and lead by the Holy Spirit. If he is married, refer to the book of Titus and Timothy in the bible.
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The pastoral duties are determined by the heavenly call the pastor receives from the congregation he serves for. The written form of his call shows the pastoral duties the congregation expects from him. It is the chief pastoral duty for him to teach and preach the gospel of the Lord regularly to his congregation. He should conduct Bible classes, sermons and lead the worship. He should be an evangelist, a person who looks after the sick and the deprived.

He should be able to counsel well and evoke the spiritual strength of every member in the Church. He should be a shining example of Christian living to motivate, inspire and encourage each and every soul inside and outside the congregation. The pastoral duties have to be righteous and motivate people to spread the word of God.

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