Is Ganz A Jewish Surname?


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Yes the name "Ganz" is a Jewish name and the meaning of the name is "whole". The origin of the name is German and it is considered a variant of Gans which means "goose".

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  1. German and
    Swiss German: Variant of Gans
  2. German: From a short form of the Germanic personal name
    Ganso, a cognate of modern German ganz ‘whole’, ‘all’.
  3. German: Possibly also from an altered form, under Russian
    influence, of the personal name Hans, a short form of
    Johannes (see John).
  4. Jewish (Ashkenazic):
    Ornamental name from German ganz ‘whole’.  
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Ganz is also a North Italian surname known present in Veneto and Trentino. A Jewish origin going back hundreds of years is possible.

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