What's An Example Of An Involuntary Action?


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Involuntary actions are actions that you do unaware that you are doing them. You don't have control over
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Involuntary actions are the actions that are not under the conscious control of an animal. Breathing is a good example of involuntary action as you do not decide on breathing, you breath involuntarily. It is not under your conscious control. These actions are controlled by autonomic nervous system.
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The very core of the brain is called 'The Reptilian' part of the brain. It controls involuntary living necessities of the body such as breathing and heart beating, and other things our bodies do that we do not think about. When you sleep these functions continue even though you are not consciously thinking about or doing these things. These might be considered 'involuntary' since you do not make a conscious decision to do these things.
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It is when you have no control over what happens.
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Involuntary actions are actions that are not controlled you have no control over them you do them automatically
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Eye-blinking is a visible involuntary action.  Sneezing.  Coughing.  Of course, most physiological actions like heartbeat, peristalsis, healing, etc., etc. Are also involuntary.

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