How Do You Measure Talent?


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It comes natural  to most and it shines through , I can't really measure it on a scale , because some are better at one thing and some are better at other things
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You measure a talent by the knowledge of what some one knows the things they do ..
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Whose? Others? Your own? In either case, that's for others to do . . . Until you are talented enough to do it yourself (which is when you will no longer need to ask on a mostly kiddie web site).
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Talent can only be measured against the achievements of those before you.
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Ryan Rugraff
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Well I would point out that someone can be very, very talented, and still achieve nothing and waste their life. It happens all the time. Or in another since someone with autism for instance can be talented, but the other mental limitations do not allow them to achieve. Achievement happens through hard work, talent typically is something that comes naturally to a person.
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Talent, I think, is subjective and  it's measurement will vary greatly from person to person. Talent also has a lot to do with perspective. Take art, for example. I used to think jackson pollack was a talentless hack. That is until I tried to do something similar to what he'd done with the splatter and drip technique. It really is far more difficult than it looks as crazy as that sounds ;) lol! So in that perspective I don't think you can, or should, measure talent. You should just try to appreciate it ;)

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