What Should I Write In A Condolence Card?


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You can write{ There are no words to express the great loss you are experiencing with the loss of you father, I want you to know how sorry I am and I'm here for you for whenever you need me to be. I know right now the pain is great, but there will come a time when the pain will become lesser and lesser and the memories you have of your father will be a treasure to you, until then I am here for you with my love and prayers.} I hope this helps.
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Tell how you are sorry for her loss and are thinking of her/praying for her, but only if that's what you do.  if you knew her father and have any fond memories, mention those.
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It is always difficult to write a condolence card, but these are usually treasured for a long time by the person who has been bereaved, so it is important that you send a card and let them know how much the deceased person was valued and cherished.
Try to include something personal (but not too over the top). For example, include a fond memory you have of the person who has died, or something that you liked about them.
If you never met the person, for example, if it was your colleague's mother, then it is simply appropriate to say something like 'I am really sorry for your loss. Thinking of you' etc.
If a child has died it is really important to be extremely sensitive, but try not to write so much that you may upset the parents. With a situation as difficult as this, it is sometimes simply appropriate to say something like 'Words cannot express my sorrow for your loss' etc.
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Dear Mary,
I wanted to contact you as soon as I learned that Don had passed away. I am so sorry that you are going through this heart break. Don was loved and admire by so many people. Don had such a positive influence on my life; I will miss him tremendously. I would like to express my sympathy and let you know that you and your family will be in my prayers.
James Lewis
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The best way to go about writing a sympathy card is to simply let your feelings flow on to the paper. The card is always to be addressed to the person closest to the deceased, as in the first person in the family of the deceased. Let the addressee know whom you are acquainted with and express your comfort too. Once you mention all of this, do acknowledge their loss. For example, "please accept my sympathy for the loss of your…." in case you fall as a distant relation and have never really been in touch do mention "he must have really been a wonderful person to have in your life".

Avoid mentioning about the details of the death of the person. Don't try to make the person feel the loss of his/her close relative in their lives. Avoid saying things like "its all for the best".
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I would write a simple note in a blank card and drop it off with a dessert, or a pot of live pretty flowers. If you can't do this just mail the card as soon as you can. I think people need to know they are cared for in their time of need.
I'd write something like this:
'I just wanted to let you know how deeply concerned I am for you and yours. My prayers are with you. If there is anything you could use my help doing please call me at any time, (555-5555) Just know you've got a friend in me, and I am here for you.'
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Tell her that you are sorry , and that you are sorry for her loss. But most of all speak from your heart and she will know you truly will be always there for her with everlasting love and support.
Hope you make a great card, and I am also sorry for her loss.
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"Dear "name"
I am so sorry for the loss of your father. I understand how hard this is on you. I am your friend and will be here whenever you need to talk.
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At a time like this words are not enough, but wanted you to know that you can call on me anytime, and I will cherish the time God has allowed us with, NAME, here on earth, please feel free to call on me when needed, I'm here...
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My dear fiend,
I was greatly shocked when I heard the news of your mother's death She was quiet good when I saw her last time May her soul rest in heaven.
    Plz convey my deep sympathy to your father
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I want you to know that I am so sorry you are having to deal with such a great loss.   I know you were extremely close to your sister, Emily.  She was always very kind to me.  I, too, shall miss her.  
Frank Jones

I would like to extend my sympathy to you in the loss of your sister, Emily.  I know you shall miss her terribly.  She was a kind,  thoughtful lady.  I shall never forget her kindness to me when I lost my Father.  She was a brilliant choir director and I am sure that today she is directing the angels in Heaven.
In deepest sympathy,
Frank Jones

You sister, Emily, will be missed by everyone she directed in the Elm Street Methodist Choir.  She was a good Christian and demonstrated it in all of her dealings with us.  I shall miss her and I know you will also.  I would like to extend my sympathy on the loss of such a wonderful person.  My God bless you, give you peace and ease the burden of your loss.
Frank Jones

I hope one of these can be edited to your satisfaction.
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A condolence message can be very difficult to write. Unlike on other occasions you can write something really joyful and thoughtful, whereas here it is not same that can be applied. You could probably write something as "I know what you exactly going through. Please accept my condolence wishes from heart".

You could even start of writing with "I am sorry to hear he passed away, maybe it was the right time for God according to his will". All these simple words put across could really keep a person relaxed. It could a feeling of comfort at such times. But it is always important to pay a condolence visit, especially if you live in the same neighborhood.

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