How Do I Know My WASSCE Private Index Number?


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To find out you WASSCE private index number, you would have to contact either your school or the examinations authority itself. Alternatively, your index number should be displayed on relevant paperwork you have. In order to sit your examinations, you need to have your WASSCE private index number to hand. If you have lost a record of it for any reason, you shouldn't worry - an advisor at your school will be able to sort the issue out for you.

  • The WASSCE

The WASSCE - or West African Senior School Certificate Examination - is a standardized test sat by most secondary school students in Anglophone West African countries. It can not be sat by individuals in any other worldwide locations. Two different exams are available: One in December, one in June. The results of these exams are made available to schools and candidates a few months after them taking place.

A range of topics can be examined in the WASSCE. Some are compulsory to all candidates sitting the exam, such as science, mathematics and social studies. Others, such as woodwork, accounting and typewriting, are optional. Most candidates will sit the compulsory topics as well as around three extra additional areas of study. This gives students a broad range of knowledge upon leaving secondary education.

  • Controversy

The WASSCE system is not perfect. Students are regularly caught cheating, as are examiners, some of whom will be willing to accept bribes. There have been cases in which examiners have passed answers to students or admitted their papers under special circumstances. The marking of the WASSCE is in many cases very inaccurate and it is difficult for students to do anything about this. Overall, the WASSCE needs many improvements before it can gain an excellent reputation.
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