What's Is Cvl Licks?


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Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question given the information is not readily available. Perhaps if there was a context to this question it would make it easier to answer. For example, is there an industry, group of people, or other factor involved in the question?
Is it some type of shorthand? Without knowing the exact context and whether it is short for something or in a specific industry, it is impossible to find a correct answer.
A Google search does not give a concrete or any answer at all. CVL could stand for Civil, but LICKS does not make much sense with that. The one thing that was found was something related to gangs, such as perhaps CVL being a gang label, but even that answer was unclear and did not make sense with the second work or letters provided in the question.

Licks as a word means that one is licking something or has licked something. Licks is just one form of the word lick. With CVL in front it does not make much sense unless it is supposed to be an insult or it is also an acronym for something.
If you know the context of the CVL licks perhaps you can try adding more context to the question to help find the answer you seek.
Otherwise, unfortunately, the question will remain unanswered and only suppositions can be provided. Hopefully, this explanation has helped in some way or provided you with a means to decipher the question.
Think about what it could mean based on where you saw the CVL licks or heard about it. This may also provide you with some type of answer.

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