How To Get To Kamathipura In Mumbai?


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There is no train station in Kamathipura, in Mumbai, which means you cannot travel by train to the area. However, the area can be reached via taxi, or by bus service.

  • Where is Kamathipura?

Kamathipura is located in Mumbai, and is close to the south-westerly coast of India. Mumbai meets the Arabian Sea on its western coastline.

  • What is Kamathipura?

Kamathipura is one of the most famous red-light districts in India, if not in the entire world. It is also one of the oldest and the largest red light districts in the world.

The red light district at Kamathipura was originally set up by British soldiers based in Mumbai, who used the area when they were not on duty. Indian men also used the area of Kamathipura for its prostitutes. When the British troops left Mumbai, Indians then took control of the red light district of Kamathipura.

Originally, Indian girls and women native to the area were used as prostitutes in Kamathipura. Women from parts of Japan and mainland Europe were smuggled into Kamathipura via sex trafficking in order to work in the area. When the area came under Indian control, women from nearby countries such as Nepal have also been brought in to work.

  • What is life like for the prostitutes in Kamathipura?

Often, girls are made to work in prostitution in Kamathipura from a very young age, some as young as 10 or 11 years old. In addition, these girls are usually from very poor backgrounds. As a result, they have little or no formal education, and are dependent upon their "owners".

Quite often, the girls' "owners" will addict the girls to drugs in order to ensure their loyalty - if their manager (so to speak) is the only person who can give them drugs, the girls will stay loyal to them, and will not try to leave.

Girls in Kamathipura can deal with tens of customers per day. As a result, they often have a number of sexually transmitted infections or diseases, and many even have conditions such as AIDS as a result of their work.

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