How To Write An 'Autobiography Of A River' In Hindi?


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The direct translation of 'Autobiography of a River' to Hind is 'एक नदी की आत्मकथा'.

Writing an river's autobiography is a task set to pupils in geography classes in schools across the country. The task requires pupils to research the histories of a set river, and then write up their findings in a first person account that read similar to an autobiography. Pupils can comment on a river's

  • formation,
  • origin,
  • wildlife,
  • uses,
  • notable events in history etc.
Through this task, pupils will become more accustomed to using river related terminology, and will learn a lot about some of the world's biggest and most important rivers.

Modern Standard Hindi is the first language of the Republic of India - a country with 22 languages! It is mutually intelligible with Urdu, though there are many people in India who will defend the differences between the languages based on social separations which came about after the British rule of India.

When it is combined with Urdu to form a single language, it is the fourth most spoken language in the world behind Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English. It was given a separate status from Urdu in 1954, when the Indian government set a basic standardized set of grammatical rules for the language.

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