Do We Know Each Other Meaning In Hindi?


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To write the phrase, "Do we know each other?" in Hindi, you need to make it look just like the following words: हम एक दूसरे को जानते हैं?.

This type of translation information can be found at many online translation services, but you can't find it on the most popular Internet service for translating - Babelfish.

  • Babelfish doesn't feature Hindi

Babelfish translates plenty of languages, but they don't currently translate from English to Hindi, or vice versa. Therefore, it's necessary to poke around Google searches a little bit to find the best translation sites. Once you've found the right translation service, you can play around by translating all sorts of different phrases and words. These free online applications are excellent ways to learn more about writing Hindi, but they may not help you understand the language in a deeper way.

  • Take lessons

To learn Hindi, consider hiring a teacher who is a native speaker of that language. In many communities, there are a host of local tutors and teachers who will offer detailed instruction on learning a new language and speaking and writing in that language. If you don't want a tutor, consider buying instructional tapes or books that help you to learn Hindi all by yourself. While it's always tricky learning a brand-new language that is way different from your native tongue, it is not impossible.

Hindi is spoken is many parts of India, and it is a language that is ancient and beautiful. For many of the world's citizens, Hindi is their native language. Very different from English in terms of phonetics and pronunciation, the Hindi language has its own set of rules and regulations, which must be carefully learned before the language can be fluently spoken. Those who master English and Hindi should be proud of themselves.

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