Which Is An Example Of A Technical Control?


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Firstly, it is worth defining exactly what is meant by the term technical control.

According to technical control is:

ยท "Limited but mandatory professional or specialized guidance provided by an authority in the performance of an assigned responsibility."

Therefore technical control can be said to be when someone who has expertise in a certain area will take the reigns of that part of the project as they are the best equipped for the role.

An example of technical control in a business environment could be if a web designer or programmer was asked to redesign the business website; then due to them having the most experience and the right skills to do it they would be given the overall control of this task. They may well get others to help but they would be in charge and in 'technical control' of the matter.

If this is for business studies homework then it is advised to think of your own example of technical control now you should understand its meaning. This way you will still be doing the work yourself and have only used this answer for a little bit of help and guidance; much like what a textbook is there for.

However if you simply take this answer then the point of doing the homework is lost. You will not have fulfilled the task as you were asked to do and you could get in to some trouble if it was found that you had simply copied the answer.

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