What The Full Form Of Library?


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The full form of library is, in fact, simply library. There are no longer versions of the word and very few abbreviations of the word that are widely known. The plural of the word library is 'libraries'. Library is often misspelled 'libary' due to the regular mispronunciation of the word.

• What exactly is a library?

A library is broadly defined as a collection. In the modern day use of the word, it is a collection of books. Almost every home will contain a library of some sort, although some will be smaller than others. Most people find that over the courses of their lives they come across quite a number of books, whether they be fiction or reference books. After initially reading the book, very few people choose to dispose of it, even if they don't intend to ever read it again. For this reason, libraries form in the majority of households.

Most towns and cities have a public library, from which books can be borrowed, usually free of charge. Children in particular make good use of libraries, borrowing books more and more as they learn to read. Very few adults visit the library, although most say they would like to more - if only they had the time. Some say libraries are no longer importance, giving the recent rise in popularity of online technology. Others claim they are the pillar stones of a community and fight to save them from being shut down.

• Famous libraries

The Boston library is one example of a famous library. With a collection of over six million books, it was America's first municipal library. Another famous library is the Bodleian library in Oxford, England, which has a copy of every published book in existence.

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