I Want To Learn Plastic Canvas. What Does 7 Count Mean? Needlepoint


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Plastic Canvas is available in different sizes. The different sized holes are called "COUNTS".

7-count plastic canvas is the most popular because its the easiest to cut and work with.

The count refers to how many squares or holes there are per inch - thus 7-count means there are 7 squares per inch.

Other plastic canvas counts are 10-count that means there are 10 squares per inch. 14-count that means there are 14 squares per inch and 5-count, 5 squares per inch.

Patterns may be stitched on any count of canvas that you want providing you use the right type of material. Because of the difference in the size of holes of each count it takes a different material for each count. When working with 7 count you can use yarn, but not on the 10 count because the yarn would not fit through the holes.

You will also need to figure out the final dimensions based on which size canvas you stitch on.

Your project will turn out considerably larger on 7 count than it would on 10 count simply because of the size of canvas your working with.

Plastic Canvas is available in rectangular sheets. There are also pre-cut shapes available in 7-count. Some examples of these pre-cut shapes are squares, circles, triangles, stars, crosses, flowers, and ovals for placemats,

7-count also comes in different "thicknesses". There is "regular", "soft" and "stiff". Regular is the type most commonly used. Soft can be used when your project will be curved or bent. Stiff is good for plastic canvas projects that need to be extra firm to stand alone.

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7-count is simply the most popular size of plastic canvas mesh.  It has larger holes to stitch the yarn through, so it is considered easier to use.

For 7-count canvas you generally use Needloft yarn or Darice yarn.  There are smaller count canvas sizes, such as 10-count plastic canvas mesh, with which you can use embroidery floss or even elastic stretch cord if you want.  

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