How Do You Find Someone's Weakness?


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It's a matter of intuition. You observe, mostly, and find what it is that they are most concerned about. Love, money, a prized possession... All these things are based in some way on their experiences and give you clues to their weaknesses. Usually, people overcompensate for fear and weakness by covering it up with bravado (acting tough). Sometimes, the most homophobic men are afraid to show their emotions and thus, hateful towards a totally counter culture. Sometimes the richest men are just children who want to have more of everything because they fear having nothing. Of course, these are not always true. That is why it's mostly about observation. People who have the talent, like myself, can sum people up in moments of talking to them and pull out all sorts of details about their past just by things they say. Practice makes perfect. Knowing a person's weakness can make it easier to help them too... It's not always a way to hurt them. In a purely physical aspect, a person's weakness can be found in the same way... Watch their movements and see what side they favor, which limbs and directions... People telegraph their weaknesses all the time. They are called "tells" by some. Gamblers are good at spotting them... As are martial artists. Just watch everyone... You will pick it up. Everyone has a shatterpoint.
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That is one of the most amazing explanations I've ever heard. True bravo, Aintcross.
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The answer to your question lies in the answers submitted here up to this date. Those who have answered this question positively are those who know that they have weaknesses themselves and are honest and secure enough to expose vulnerability to you so that you might learn something. They are also smart enough to know that whatever weaknesses exposed here aren't going to be exploited by simply posting an answer.

Others here have given you negative advice and are exposing their weakness unwittingly. The weakness the negative answer exposes is that they desire more than anyone, to use people's weaknesses against them. The evidence is obvious. There's a post that drew their interest. Why would a post that is offensive to them draw interest unless THEY were searching for the very same answer to the question you are asking? 

In the answers here the weaknesses abound. There are those who must type with the "cool" style so that they "fit in" with their clique. Fitting in is very important to some. You may conclude that finding what a person considers to be "important" is a weakness in itself in addition  the specific "important" subject. Almost everyone considers something to be important such as the several posts here that fear you might exploit someone's weakness. These folks fear exploitation. You might conclude that fear is a addition to the specific fear that they have.

Now, you have 2 very general leads as to what people's weaknesses are. Further study will require that you make a list of all known possible weaknesses in people. Then, you can decide what weaknesses certain people exhibit with just a little study. Work from the general topic and then try to fill in some specific categories beneath them.  With an outline like that you can learn to spot in little time what weaknesses you are dealing with. 

A Psychology class will help in learning what weaknesses are and how some weaknesses can actually be strengths.

A note to the negative posts: Folks, people want to learn things. Especially things that seem to be hidden from them. It's simple human nature. Allow other people to learn even if you don't openly approve. Everything has a value even if you, personally might not be able to see it in that moment. The other point is that it isn't healthy to assume the person asking the question here is asking it for nefarious reasons. The reason wasn't given. Often people will feel more at ease asking questions in a public forum because all other avenues have been exhausted.

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You are a genius. Reading your comment truly helped me to understand a little bit more about human nature. I wish to seek knowledge just for the purpose of possessing knowledge, and partially because it could possibly assist me in the future and your comment has helped me get a little closer to my goal. Thank you.
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Just watch a person in his tough times.
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OOOO joy a person interested in how to distroy somebody!!!!^_^ well first you ask them some questions that seem harmless butt will make them say more then they want to after that try using some of the info you lernd on them see how they react and if that dose not werk just bug them and bug them make jokes about them say things that are planly wrong about them and find there mental and physical braking point! Ones you know there braking point you have that persons soul! I know evry breaking point if all my friends and enamys^_^
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No offense but you should spell check before posting something. Again no offense, it just makes it harder for people to fully comprehend what you are trying to get across.
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Usually, a person's weakness will show up at a most inopportune time. Totally unexpected...But you have to take notice to find it. A lot of people are very good at hiding this problem, tho most of us have one or two.
For instance, a "weakness" could be someone's strong desire for chocolate. That's one type. Or a weakness could be an easily hurt-able body part; such as a bum knee. Again, it might also be a feeling inside someone that can be hurt easily by another. Like....If you've been hurt before by someone telling you you have an ugly nose. Then the next time someone says that to you, it hurts more, because it's your weakness. It makes you extraordinarily sad. Also, if someone's afraid of bugs, and they see a bug on their wall that person may back off or panic. Then you would know that is their weakness. Even roses can be a weakness. If someone really loves them & you give them roses, they may swoon when they receive them. This too can be regarded as a weakness. In ending, and in answer to your question...I'll say that you have to watch closely. Asking someone doesn't usually get you to a correct answer. Nobody wants to reveal their weaknesses;unless they are the "good" ones.  Rarely, you could fool someone into telling you what theirs is...but why would you want to know ?
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Whatzup with all the thumbs down ? Somebody having bad day ? All these answers make perfect sense, or are funny. No need to thumb anybody down.
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Your answer was unexpected as I assumed most people would be comment on how to mentally destroy people, but you took time to remind us all that people do have physical weaknesses as well.
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This would be the million dollar answer! If it were so easy to find anothers weakness, then the weakness would become protected as it's importance is made known and made public. This disclosure also defeats the purpose of knowing the weakness! The weakness is different for everyone and everything. Some weaknesses are more guarded than others. The advantages of learning the weakness are enhanced when your knowledge of the secret is not divulged.
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It depends upon to what purpose you might use said information as well as how you define "weakness".  Sometimes it is something they love and sometimes it is something they have ached for but that can be introduced over time.  Addictions are powerful evidence of some kind of weakness - though the particular weakness is unique to the individual.

It is also the case that, after a major life change, gain, or loss, sometimes people's weakness changes; sometimes too they lose weaknesses.

Ultimately there are probably more useful pieces of information and more effective tools, given you are seeking a general answer to this question in such a public place.
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Yeah I can see someone's weakness, you are suppose to be close to that person, being able to interact with each other is the most vital here.
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First, I am wondering why you are looking for someone's weakness?  Do you have it in for them or what?  But I will share what I think with you.  Very often, the thing people criticize in other people is just the thing that is their own weakness.
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If someone has  weakness he/she tries to cover it diverting the topic or they will not be confortable while talking about it.
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WARNING: What you are about to read might come off as twisted and disoriented.

To mentally and subconsciously destroy someone you must think like them.  Use what you have against them. Any information, any strengths. Weakness could be mental or physical. Maybe even verbal. See, this depends on how much you hate the person you are trying to overcome.

Mental: People are influenced on what happens in their childhood, huge stages that impacted their life. Break down those stages and turn it against them like a tidal wave.  Don't hold back, that is a sign of weakness on yourself. First, level the playing field. Blackmail is always a very good way of taking someone down. Burning them. If they have any problems in their lives, exploit them. Use the people around you to melt them into nothing by a crispy consciousness that could be beaten down into what you want it to.

Physical: This part is easy. You need to analyze what this person hates. And I mean, really hates. I mean, "Can't withstand it" hate. Me, for instance. I can't take the sound of Styrofoam squeaking against itself, or the sharp deathly noise of a wet shoe skidding on the ground. Or the corniness of those old TV shows where the  audience would laugh at anything they here. Or clap. Disgusting. 

How to protect yourself: Do not show any sign of weakness. Do not mess up, talk slower if you have to. If your really in a pickle, fake a phone call to buy time. Always be the smartest guy in the room. And don't be cocky. Don't make assumptions on others on a high level. Like how if a person comes in that you are attracted to, ignore those feelings. Find out if the character is trustworthy, what their weakness is. Be on top of everything, be ten steps ahead. Like in chess. Life is a chessboard. You are the king. But the only thing different between life and chess is that the king controls all of the pieces. If he's wise enough. Studying history would also help, seem smart when you really aren't. Over-exaggerate when you need to. When you look upon people, make subtle assumptions. Ones that are could have a chance of being 90% true. Beautiful, attractive? Possibly rich, uses people to their advantage. Or just an idiot born that way. Glasses? You can sabotage them and create a weakness. Ugly? Probably intelligent, knows what their doing when push comes to shove. Got a ring on their ring finger? Married, obviously. And so on and so forth. Just be prepared for the worst. Always be 10 steps ahead in war.

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Hi xinoccentx.It's very hard to find someones weakness.Nowadays people are so guarded,and it is really hard to get close enough to find out thier weaknesses.I ask myself the question why do you want to know ?lol
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I was just wondering..... And also other personal reasons. Most people have asked me that and they make it sound like i want to kill someone or something. But i was just curious.. You know..
William Harkin
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Then everything is ok (!)
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There are some excellent answers above. I agree with most and say by observation, mostly, or sometimes you'll meet someone and with 5 minutes you know their's life's secrets, and by listening, it will easy to determine their weakenessl.
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All you have to do is suck up to someone and be their friend.....then when you sucker them into telling you, you get REVENGE on them and like if they are afraid of frogs, you can put a frog somewhere around them or something????? Sorry, I just finished reading "harriet the spy"
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My opinion is that if you want to find someone's weakness, you should walk and talk with them, so both of you and them would talk about himself, result: You can find out a lot of things about him, among which their weakness.
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Maybe finding what isn't their weakness lik you kno the opposite lik um if sum 1 was strong their weakness could b the opposite so they might b scared of a spider and the smallest person in the world might not b scared of it
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It depends. You ask them what they are most afraid of, and that is there weakness. Than, let's say they have a fear of spiders, you scare them by poring them with fake spiders. Lol, I don't know.
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Please don't give out ideas, no fake and especially no real spiders for me, that is my weaknesss. I can kill a snake though!
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Why would one consider something so terrible? If a person has a weakness, why do want to exploit it? If you did not want to exploit it then this would NOT enter your mind. the military it is the job to find the enemies' weakness....but why on earth would you even consider this in your life. Has someone done something so awful to warrant this?
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A weakness is a quality or feature regarded as someones disadvantage or fault. Why would you want to know that inner eccentricity of someones being?  Your asking such a question shows an aberrantly ill mind. You should search for the good and strength of an individual not for their frailties.. You should seek counseling to rid yourself of such callous thoughts..
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Stewart Pinkerton
Interestingly instant assumption of malice from the Rebbe from da Bronx. Perhaps the questioner wants to help this person build upon his weakness. BTW, verbosity is not eloquence! :-)
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I can see the comments below would be to attack and kill the messenger. A most adolescent inclination. I am an American also, but in our country we do NOT frown on condemning someone on suspicion of ill tendency alone. We have the largest number of prisoners per capita in the world who were convicted on suspicion of ill tendency alone, and the largest number of convicts released through malicious prosecutions because of our tendencies to convict on suspicion of ill tendency alone.....
Stewart Pinkerton
Sorry Matzoh, Blurtit strikes again and I am unable to read (and hence provide a relevant response to) your no doubt erudite and loquacious comment. Any apparent duplication of comments is also a Blurtit 'feature'. But hey, keep up the cheap shots since that's clearly all you have! Oy, a Rebbe from da Bronx being cheap, how did dat eva happen? :-)

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