How To Write An Experience Certificate For Computer Operator?


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The employer, rather than the employee, generally writes experience certificates. This allows the writing style of the certificate to be different from the employee, increasing the validity of the certificate as it ensures that the written comments are unbiased.

Experience certificates most commonly start with general information about the employee. This includes the employee's name, the name of the company or business the person in question is employed at, the job position title (in this case, a computer operator) and the duration in which the employee has worked for.

The certificate should aim to promote the work of the employee by describing many aspects of the employee and their completed work.
This could include, but is not limited to:
-The sufficiency and quality of the work completed.
-The employee's dedication and interest in the related field.
-Positive mannerisms in employment (e.g. Confidence, competence, professionalism, etc).
-Ability to solve problems and make decisions.
-Any advancement in the company due to the quality of the employee's work.
-The ability of the employee to work flexible hours.

It is also advisable to state any positive elements of the worker's general personality and appearance (for example, wearing appropriate work attire). This allows possible future employers to determine how the employee may get along with other co-workers, how co-workers may react to the employee's team leadership and how their appearance at work would impact on the image of the company.

In relation to the particular field of work in question, a computer operator, there are some points that should be highlighted within the written certificate. These could include the following:
-The overall insurance of properly working machines.
-The capability of allowing machines and peripherals to complete certain tasks.
-The upkeep of log books and operating records and the quality of the recorded material, including the record of completed jobs, malfunctions that occur, changes to the system, etc.
-The ability to test new programmes and software.
-The regular scanning of systems for malicious software such as viruses.

If the employee is particularly good at certain tasks, this should also be highlighted within the certificate.

There are resources available online for experience certificate templates and methods for writing them. The following URLs include such materials:
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Computer operator
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Name: Philip Nelson
Qualification: B.Sc Computers
Designation: Computer Operator
Job Description: Data Entry, Typing hard copy in Ms-word, Excel, Print and Web advertisement Designing.
Experience: 2 years, 6 months
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Try this.


(Should be on a Official Company Letterhead)


Dated On:

This is to certify that (Applicant’s Name) is working with (Applicant’s Company Name) as a (Applicant’s Job Title) from______to______.

(Applicant’s Name) is a sincere, honest, hardworking, dedicated employee with a professional attitude and very good job knowledge.

(Applicant’s Name)’s job responsibilities are as bellow:
• Prepare financial statements and reports for clients or company management.
• Record the amount of money spent and received daily by clients or company management, using computer cash-flow software.
• Develop and check budgets.
• Recommend an appropriate tax structure for a client to use the most efficient way of holding tax assets.
• Ensure compliance with relevant legislation
• Give advice on a range of financial aspects of a business such as budgets, tax and cash flows.
• Analyze how well a business is performing financially.
• Review businesses' accounting procedures.
• Assist management with strategic planning and human resources (HR).
(Applicant’s Name) is an enthusiastic and resourceful professional and an asset to the organization. I wish all the best and success in future career endeavors.

Signature of the person issuing the letter
Name of the person issuing the letter
Title of the person issuing the letter
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To write an experience certificate for computer operator, search for some resume samples for a computer operator you can also write the software you used during  jobs and put them on your experience certificate, application software, word processor, graphics & multimedia tools, operating systems.
hope this will help you to  put some good computer operator experience

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Experience certificate contains the details of the the kinda work he's done i.e the profile of the job and the time period he/she has worked for. Fill in these details and other things to be observed are like a usual letter you draft. Tat will do for you.
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Please send me some good sample of Job experience Certificate minimum 5 years experience with accounting profession.

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