What Are Some Cool And Unique Surnames?


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Personally, I really like the surnames Hazard, Fabregas, and Santi Cazorla (they are the last names of my favorite football players).

However, this is quite a subjective question, as everyone will have their own opinion about what constitutes a cool surname - and whether a surname is considered 'unique' may also depend on your location.

What makes a surname unique?
An unique surname is essentially one that nobody else has, or at least, that very few people do. The likelihood of others having the same surname as you will really depend on what part of the world you're in.

For example, if you are living in Boise, Idaho and have the name 'Adewuyi' - then this would be considered a rather unique name. However, if you live in Abuja (the capital city of Nigeria), then the name Adewuyi would be considered to be pretty common or average.

What makes a name cool?
What sounds cool to one person might sound strange to another - so if you're worried about choosing a name that 'everyone' thinks is cool - then forget it!

You're not going to please all the people all the time: So just pick something that appeals to you. Perhaps there's a celebrity, actor/actress, or sportsperson who you admire?

When I was at high-school, many girls would write their first name on class tests and add the last name Depp (after the actor Johnny Depp). Whether you think this is 'cool' really depends on what you think of Johnny Depp - but it's just an example.

Because I like football (both playing and watching it), I'd probably opt for a cool footballer's name. For a few examples of footballer surnames, why not check out the FIFA official list of players that registered for World Cup 2012.

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