How Many Words Can You Make Out Of The Phrase? Microscope Mania


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You can make lots and lots of words from the phrase "Microscope Mania"; few of word are:

Ape, prime, micro, scope, cope, man, men, me, moon, moose, map, an, can, in, sin, rope, mop, crop, mine, ice, rice, price, score, soap, dope, nope, rose, nose, noise, nip, pose, aim, ape, ear, era, reason, care, rosco, mic, cape, cap, cop, crap, cramp, ramp, crime, sap, sip, rap, rape, scrape, ran, rain, main, scoop, spoon, room, pain, pose, pro, poor, pine, pore,  

If you want to make more words then go to following website

Words from phrases

Enjoy :)
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You dong this for school? Me too. =/
Let me help you out.
man nice pose mice nose more mime pan men ren rope mini soap crime mean rain snore room sniper rim rum raisin craisin ripe ripen crop race rose name soap open Roman mine mope care come cone moan soop spoon mom Rome one once pan pore poor pie pear nips morose nicer main smear prose poem rice nope cope corn sore.
=] you're welcome. I wish someone had helped me. Lol
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Okay that was funny but u just need to ask a question and somebody will help u with it
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I'll try a few here:  mope, score, crone, poor, rope, promise, simmer, rose, rosacea, rain, crane, prone, scone, manic.
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Little Cause,relatively tomorrow flower trial goal never every child impact favour soon draw press something job species lip page nor range clean except respect plus mother reject mother attack form employ dress seriously start ordinary urban function no mind campaign kitchen complex apparent comment vast accompany finance farmer after management none urban mile outside solicitor effect however labour complete number coal field suffer painting stand loss odd focus visit current realize anything up occasion clean dead science soil deep limit night key institution entry set club work other relatively age gate contain

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