My Husband Always Is Pushing Me Away He Has Never Been To Affectionate But He's Never Been Like This, What Does This Mean?


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In my own experience, I pushed my wife away because she exemplified the characteristics I did not have in my own life. She was truthful, honest, hard working, etc. While I was at the time quite opposite. When I finally decided to change myself I was able to have a better relationship with her. However we can't really answer this question for your husband since we don't know what is going on in his mind or life. I would suggest you really probe in a serious but subtle way, with tenderness if you will, what is going on and how you can help him, be in constant prayer and I pray right now that the Lord will open his heart up, mend your relationship and make your love better than it has ever been in the past,  In Christ name A men.
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Have you tried to talk to him and see what the problem is? Communication is so important. It could be something that is not relative to you at all. When I have things bothering me I withdrawal and it is dangerous to for any relationship. If there is a lot to discus try to sort it out before you attempt to talk to him. Make sure you guys get private time, alone, away from any kids. It could be simple, it could be severe, but knowing is so much better than not knowing!!!
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My husband has never been affectionate for over 45 years. He won't talk to me or any one else. I think if the pope came into the house he would tell him something I wouldn't want to repeat. We did have sex once and then every thing went hay wire. No more sex, sleeping in the same bed, affection, communication, no nothing. He eats and sleeps in the basement and all he does is work, weekends, holidays when ever he can. I have no idea what wrong or when!  He wants nothing from me or any one else. Works midnights and dresses like a slob, some homeless people dress better that him, long straggly hair and beard, the only interests he seems to have is wood carving, making anything out of wood and his old truck. We're in our upper 60's and I don't care about him or myself any more.

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