What Does HVZ Reaction Mean?


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Hell-Volhards-Zelinsky (HVZ) is the chemistry of bromination used to manufacture intermediates. These are different kinds of bromoacids by using the Hell-Volhards-Zelinsky (HVZ) method. The sales for brominated products are increasing with demand for organobromine compounds. There are two distinct compounds. The first uses the fire-resistant properties inherent in bromo organics. Making brominated flame retar-dants (BFRs) essential, sometimes even mandatory in many household products. To name a few, products such as televisions, computers and furniture that is upholstered..

The second are organobromine compounds. These complex organic molecules are used by the agrochemical, photographic, pharmaceutical and fragrance industries.

Volhard's discovery of making halogenated organic acids is more than a centuary old. It was first reported in the 1880s.

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