What Qualities Define A Feminist Today?


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This is one of my favourite topics. As a male nurse I have effectively spent most of my working life in a predominantly female orientated profession. I admired the professionalism and dedication of the sisters and matrons who ran the hospitals for little or no money. Over the years I have argued with my own mates who were mainly in the building trade that women deserve to be treated as equals both in respect and pay. Secretively, I actually meant that in many ways they are superior, but I was already unpopular given my arguments for equality.  unfortunately, what I observed over the years is women turning their backs on their own children to follow their own agenda. Now I know what I am stating is going to sound unfair, but I truly believe that if a woman chooses to become a mother ,then that is in itself a profession and especially in the early years. I have witnessed women turn their backs on their own femininity and try to behave more like men. Even worse, they behave like those men who make other men look bad. They think cursing, getting drunk and fighting coming out of bars, terrorizing people by forming gangs and vandalizing peoples homes and properties, makes them more equal to men. I know female colleagues who left nursing to have children and raised them until they old enough to at least attend nursery school. Women are physically designed to carry the child and give birth to the child and to feed the child. I was also taught as a student nurse that we could never replace the love that a child has for its mother. I truly believe that women are psychologically geared better to raise a child in infancy. As a nurse I could argue that if my wife and I had divorsed, that I would be a better parent because I have qualifications in nursing and child care and child psychology . But that would have been a nonsense to me as I know a child needs their mother in the early years. Therefore I wouldn't even have contemplated such a move. I was on a bus recently and I got up to offer my seat to a pregnant girl. I said, "here love, sit yourself down." she immediately snapped at me saying," first of all I'm not your love,and secondly don't be so condescending". I was really embarrassed and other older women on the bus gave her dirty looks and tutted at her behavior. This sort of in your face machismo is not something I would admire in any man. So, I think women have lost their way in their strides for equality. Another point is that there has been a marked rise in homosexuality and single parent families. A case came up locally were two young girls deliberately got pregnant in order to get points for a housing trust placement and openly admitted that they were better off on welfare. They even admitted that none of the fathers even knew that they were fathers. I know this has happened before the march of womens rights, but the difference is that they have no qualms about advertising the fact. Anyway, there ive said my piece. :)
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I agree that equal pay for the same job is a must, as well as respect, if you are willing to give the same. A feminist, I would say, would not fit the majority of women today. What is a feminist in my view? One that wants it all her way and no other, regardless of anyone else. There are also some men who are that way to, but with males. I believe that respect for an individual is utmost if they are deserving of it. You don't demand respect, you earn it. Those old feminist did women an injustice. There will never be equality because men and women have different talents. Men do the majority of hard labor, and the women keep the world turning. Please, ladies, do not hop off. The world would stop.
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SISSY! The best way for me to answer this is as follows!
I don't hit women, BUT I don't allow women to hit me! OR I LEAVE!
I treat women like a Queen, BUT I expect my women to treat me like a KING! OR I LEAVE!
I DO NOT Cheat, BUT if a women Cheats on me there is NO SECOND CHANCE! OR I LEAVE!
I expect my women to have their on time and life, BUT I'll have my own time and life! OR I LEAVE!
Anything brought into where WE live has to be approved by BOTH FIRST, and no arguments over the feelings of the other! OR I LEAVE!
What's good for the goose is Good for the Gander!
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I agree with you totally here. Women should be treated like women. We need to be respected just like men want to be respected.
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Well, I don't think you always have to be a female for that anymore. Like bickles  post, I don't know if you saw it, but it was about fighting for the rights of women in sufferage all over the world, and people weren't reading all of it. I think he might qualify for it at least a little bit.
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I am an old fashioned gal, who likes a man to open a door for me, hold a chair for, me and treat me like a lady.  I am against all the independent feminazi as Rush L. Would say, There is nothing wrong with a strong woman, this country was tamed by them I think - you know like the frontier women, but I want to be treated like a lady, I believe in being feminine- men should be men, and women should be women.
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I love what you said here!!!!!!!! so true! these days you can,t tell them apart. and men are NO BETTER than us women. I most cases, women are the leaders of things, I do think women have more back-bone than men, and if you got a real man in your life, he WILL do all the little things that alot of people feel are stupid like opening car doors for ya. but few do these days, we are supposed to be treated like women, not maids or servants, or such.

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