Is It True That If You Put A Light Bulb In Your Mouth And You Will Never Get It Out Without Breaking It?


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This is very true. My ex-boyfriend who was stupid enough to try it did. It cut open his lips and sliced his tongue. Don't try it because yes, it will break if you try to pull it out. If this is helpful, please click the helpful button. :) thanks bro
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No this is a total lie only cause I believed it to me and my friend tried to do it to see if it was true or not. Unless you have a really big mouth or a really little light bulb you can't even get the dam thing in your mouth.
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NO!! Unless you have a very small light bulb.. =P hehe But if it's a big one.. Then I'm with i_love_me! It sure will break and what's more, it might hurt your tongue as well. So please don't think of doing it! =)
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Yes it's true, if you do want to try, you can try with a conference pear and shape it to a normal light bulb size. You'll find out, prepare a little spoon which will help you to small the pear in your mouth once you can not move it out.
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Really you shouldn't be putting light bulbs in your mouth for no reason whatsoever.
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Coat it with something, that will not will break, but will allow the bulb to break. I bet it can be, sorry I have seen some sick stuff in my life.
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I've seen magicians do it, but I wouldn't try it.  Not only do you have to worry about the broken glass if it doesn't work, but harmful chemicals inside the bulb.
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Not sure as never experience it,but I can tell is not true couz some people have big mouth so they can easly remove it withiut breaking it.
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Yes its true, my friend is stuck sitting next to me right now and we can't get it our for shit
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I hope that you're all aware that if a light bulb breaks in your mouth, the fact that it is also a vaccum causes a considerable amount of damage,  which can cause you to bleed to death!

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Please do try it and record it and then put it up on you tube and paste the link on here. I'd love to watch. Hopefully it doesn't break in your mouth but you'll never know if you don't try ^_^.

But yeah do coat it with some kind of thin paste or glue so it will still break but just won't cut yah ^_^.
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Who puts lightbulbs in their mouth!?

what size?

how big is your mouth?

I need dimensions!

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Yep. Put the metal part that conducts the electricity in your mouth. In and out no problems.
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True. It depends on the size of the light bulb and the size of your mouth. But I always say, "if in doubt, try it!" :o)
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Put A Light Bulb In Your Mouth And You Will Never Get It Out Without Breaking It , who said it I can do it without breaking it , a small bulb is also a light bulb is int it ?
Am I right am I right what do you say !!!!
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Actually you can light the bulb. But you need a tesla coil. Tesla was a man who discovered that electricity flows in the air and we have it moving through us. Since we are not grounded with a tesla coil it will harness the electricity in our body and light the bulb.
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No. Lightbulbs can come out of your mouth without breaking. They can break. Depends on the size.Length, Width, and Hight.
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Kain Bishop
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How could you get the lightbulb out if it cant get in. If it fits in your mouth, you can get it out.

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