Can You Give Me An Example Of Qualitative Approach?


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Well qualitative data is data that cannot be calculated into numbers unlike quantitative data, which can be calculated. I will give you some examples like a company wants to launch a new product onto a market, a beverage what they do is that they give samples all around and ask for peoples opinions. This is qualitative research or data. It is not always accurate as peoples likes and dislikes keep changing but still it gives an overview as to what one can expect.
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Qualitative data is related with person's or group's expressions, feelings, ideas and behaviour. It might be possible that the information given by the sample is not 100% accurate. For example
How do you feel if you stood first in your class? Is internet a reliable place to disclose your personal data? Etc.

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Qualitative data is more related to senses, feelings, opinions, and intuition and is not involved in numbers and measurements.
Do you know what the game "20 Questions" is?  If not search for "20Q" online.
An example of a qualitative approach.
I'm going to describe something like I have never seen it before.
When I try to hold it in my hands, most of it slips through my fingers.
It does not have a taste or a smell. And it didn't make me sick.
It has no colors in it.
I can see through it.
At a certain angle, I can see my reflection.
When I shake it, it takes a while to stop moving.
It warms up when I have held a little of it in my hand for a while.
When I put it on dirt or sand it disappears.
When I put it on the floor, it made the floor slick and slippery.
It's water!     (yeah. I know it's lame.   Let me try again.)
Quantative approach for describing my cat:
domestic shorthair Orange mackerel tabby
green eyes
mixed breed
1year 3 months old
7.3 lbs
22inches long including 7 inch tail
Qualitative approach for describing my cat:
rusty orange and creamy white with white mittens
olive green eyes
calico mom and orange dad
dog hater
lizard chaser
indoor only cat
has very expressive ears
is a one-person cat

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