What Does Minimal Hyperemia/bone Marrow Edema Of The Patella And Mild Chondrosis With Cartilage Attenuation/denudation Along The Patella Mean?


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Hyperemia is the increase in the blood flow in different areas of body for regulatory purpose. Chondrosis is the formation of cartilage. The term attenuation is used in radiology which means thinning of beam of rays. I think this is a report of any imaging technique like, Ct, MRI, X-ray or ultrasound. This shows that you have a cartilage mass at the patella where blood flow is increased. More details will be reported by the radiologist. I can give you some more details but you will not understand many medical terminologies. Simply you have a cartilaginous mass at patella.
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Thank you for the information. Do you know if this is something that requires surgery-----Shell87

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