What Does A High WBC And Platelet Count Mean?


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This could mean that you are currently suffering from a number of things. A high white blood cell count could indicate that your body is currently dealing with some kind of infection, and is hence using the white blood cells in excess to supply the sufficient amount of antibodies. These antibodies are used to get rid of infections and viruses that can be problematic within the body. The high count could also indicate that you are suffering from some kind of trauma, or have suffered from some kind of trauma in the past. It could even indicate some kind of allergy.

All of these things your doctor should be able to talk to you about once you have finished having your tests. They will be able to explain what may be causing the problem, as well as help you come to terms with any problems they have. They will obviously have the right way of treating you, too, to ensure that you remain healthy.

A high white blood cell count could also mean something more serious. For instance, it’s not uncommon for this to indicate that you are suffering from a chronic bone marrow disease. This can be incredibly dangerous to leave without treatment, and hence, the doctor will do everything within their means to help you. You will no doubt get sent to the hospital or a particular ward to begin treatment and therapy as soon as possible.

Equally, leukemia could also be a cause. Your doctor, again, will be able to talk to you about your condition and tell you about all the different kinds of cancer treatment you can undergo. You won’t be left in the dark - if the doctor discovers a problem like this then he or she will remain proactive to ensure that you remain healthy.
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I am bruising all the time ( several times a week ) and my blood platelet count is over 470 . (I am female ) it worries me as my Uncle died recently from Leukemia and my grandmother had cancer at my age and died . I am 56. I am sorting it with doctors surgery but that is confusing as one doctor seems concerned but is on holiday and the other is not concerned at all.
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Many things are possible if the White blood cells are high then person might be suffering from Leukaemia or blood cancer.

There are also many things which might cause a high platelet count which is also known as thrombocytosis. Thrombocytosis might be caused by infection, inflammatory disorders, medication side effects,
spleen problems etc.

Hope this might help...
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High white blood cell count could indicate
• Infection.
• Trauma.

• Allergy.
• Chronic bone marrow diseases.
• Leukemia.
• Diverticular Disease.
• Emotional stress.
High platelet count is known as thrombocytosis which can cause blood clots when there is no need for it.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome will cause a chronic high white blood cell count. You are tired because your body is trying to fight off an infection somewhere that's why you're producing all the white blood cells.
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My wbc came back high in thsn/cu mm it is 10.60.
Please tell me what that means.
No one said anything to me.
I went to the gynecologist for a pap, mammogram, and bone density
sincerely, lisa hatfield
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The reason of high level of platelets and WBC is the good diet and good health. Similarly it is applicable to the high level of lymph count. So you must not worry about it.

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